Calvary Kids provides safety, growth, and excitement for the children in your family, ages 0-12 years.


Infants & Toddlers

Infants are so precious to us! Your child will be handled with love and care while you fully enjoy the Calvary NSB worship experience. We know that when a parent drops off their child, it can be a sensitive time (especially when they are young). You can expect a safe, clean environment in which your little one will listen to worship music.

For your toddler, it’s important to us that your little one learns about Jesus as an early age. They are already learning so much right now and we want to capitalize on this opportunity. You can expect your toddler to learn that God made them and that Jesus loves them!


K – 5th Grade

Calvary Kids is an experience that will amaze and excite your children. This is a high-energy, interactive service that boldly teaches the Word of God as well as equips and trains kids to reach this world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We present God’s truth by using puppets, video, drama, illustrated sermons, games, and much more. Here at Calvary NSB, we believe that children are not just the church of tomorrow but the church of today. God desires to use them at this time in their lives. We encourage you to come see what God is doing here as we turn the world upside down for Jesus.